Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO Challenge- Benjamin Bunny

I actually finished the #6 Quilt in Judy's UFO Challenge! For me, #6 was my Benjamin Bunny Quilt. I used a book panel and chopped it up to make this quilt for Baby E's Beatrix Potter Nursery. I'm so glad I took part of the Challenge since it gave me motiavation to finish the quilt in a month. Not too shabby for a mom of a 3 month old baby!


  1. Cute...Cute. I never saw that fabric. I used to do childcare and my kiddos would have loved it.

  2. Aww... I love Beatrix Potter. This is just adorable, and I'm amazed you found the time to finish it while taking care of a little one. I do remember those days! lol Congrats!

  3. LOVE this quilt...where did you get the panel? :)