Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm a Winner!

Thank you so much Live a Colorful Life! Go check it out! I finally won something, I think my luck is turning. I can't wait to try this pattern, it will be my first attempt at clothing. A daunting task, but if it works then I could make clothes that I really love instead of finding something that I like.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok why do the best products have to be discontinued? I've been using Prescriptives make up for longer than I like to admit. They have the best foundations and powder that completely match my skin tone. Ladies out there know how hard that is to find. Well, I found out they're closing shop so I've bought out stores that have my colors. I've gotten my new catalog for Longaberger. I'm not a big fan of the baskets with colors. I prefer the simple baskets. Still, I have my eye on a couple of things. I really need to get back to the quilt that was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my aunt and uncle. I need to join two rows and then the top's done. Maybe I'll finish it in time for next Christmas. 100 Books in 2010:
7. The Gift by Cecelia Ahern- it was a little bit out there, but I would recommend it to people who like books with a message. I preferred the author's earlier novels.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book club

Tonight was my first book club of the year at B&N. It was great since a lot of people showed up (yes 8 is a lot for us). We selected the next few months worth of books- a lot of cheery books. Can you believe we're already planning for Spring? I also bought 2 books since they were 50% off. I didn't get a chance to sew tonight since I had book club. Tomorrow I have plans to cut into some 30's fabric to continue working on my Pinwheel Quilt. My sister adopted a new dog Chloe. I can't wait to meet her this weekend. 100 in 2010: 5. Delia's Gift by V.C. Andrews 6. Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout (tonight's book club selection)

Friday, January 15, 2010

First Post

Ok. Here goes my first post. Why did I start a blog? I thought it was selfish of me to read other bloggers post and not contribute anything back. So here's to paying it forward a bit. I also think that a blog is great for keeping track of my projects and accomplishments. And sorry for no pictures this time - it's my first post so I'm taking baby steps. Here's the top three things about me: I love Longaberger Baskets. I've been collecting since 1998. My husband and I visited the Longaberger Homestead in Ohio for our honeymoon. And yes, he was ok with it. I love to quilt. I may be a beginner quilter, but I've found a creative outlet that is very relaxing. So far I've finished 3 projects with a bunch of WIP's. I love to read. My New Year's Resolution is to read 100 books in 2010. I'll be listing all the books I've finished in this blog so that I can keep track of all of them. My favorite author is Jane Austen and I'll read any new book that continues her novels. 100 in 2010: 1. Pemberly Manor by Kathryn L. Nelson 2. My Dearest Mr. Darcy: An Amazing Journey into Love Everlasting by Sharon Lathan 3. Delia's Crossing by V.C. Andrews 4. Delia's Heart by V.C. Andrews (yes I love books that are a part of series)