Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the "s" word

I don't say the "S" word. If I say it then it happens. So instead I'll spell it. S-N-O-W. Yuck. We have gotten about 2 inches. I don't like driving in it. Don't like shoveling it either. And I know I won't be getting a S-n-o-w day anytime soon. I've really been working on a quick and easy new quilt. I'm calling it Turquoise and Chocolate for now. For only one week's worth of work, I've cut all the fabric and I've sewn quite a bit too. Hopefully I'll get out the camera and take some pics. I really should read the manual to the camera since usually the quality sucks. I promise I'll learn one day. Does anyone have good photography advice for quilters? After I finish piecing the Turquoise and Chocolate quilt, I must finish piecing a baby quilt for my Mom's BFF's daughter. The baby is due for tax time. Tonight, Hubby and I went out shopping for a new water pitcher. What is up with all the ugly colors in the Kitchen items? I'm not a huge fan of the lime green and road construction orange. I would much rather have White. Last week Hubby and I finally bought our Kitchenaid stand mixer - and yes it's White. Sometimes simple is better. 100 Books in 2010: 8. Committments by Barbara Delinsky. It was a good premise, but the ending was really short and not at all what I wanted. So far I'm really happy w/ my progress for reading 100 books in 2010. I may accomplish this New Year's Resolution - a first!

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